Paleo Banana Bread and Apple-Pear Pie

This weekend has been very productive… for non-academic stuff. Not only did I do laundry, vacuumed, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, hung a painting on the wall and met up with friends…

… I also baked these!

The reasoning: I wanted pie, but I also had two very ripe bananas to get rid off. Since I was going to use almod flour and coconut flour for both… why not make them at the same time?

The pie was made with the same crust as the ones from a previous post, BUT: I baked it for less time and it turned out much better. Plus, I left it in the fridge for several hours before trying it for the first time. My only regret is not using enough pears/apples… again, I wish I had more filling.

The banana breads have lots of cinnamon in them; one only has raisins and a little bit of almods, the other has lots of almonds, raisins and dark chocolate chips. Needless to say which one turned out better. Still… both turned out a little bit bland. Not sure what to do to make it better; more honey? raisins? we’ll see…

(to be honest, they are not so much banana breads, as they are an adaptation of this recipe:


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