Chocolate Chip Cookies…

I got this gluten-free cookie mix to have in hand for a day I really *needed* cookies but didn’t have the patience/ingredients to make them from scratch. Yesterday was that day.

So this mix… made the BEST cookies I’ve ever had. Ever. Seriously. I am deeply in love with these cookies. They were crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside… and they had a deep, super rich dark chocolate taste…  infinite perfection.

The good side of it all is, now I am really encouraged to try to make similar cookies from scratch.

The mix uses coconut flour as base, something I’ve been somewhat regularly experimenting with. The mix also contains some ingredients I’m sure are a big part of the secret but that I want to stay away from – like potato starch – so it might prove a challenge to find adequate substitutes. In any case, I plan on using this recipe next… fingers crossed!


(P.S. I’ve been reading the reviews for this and other products from this brand on Amazon… and it seems they are pretty good at making gluten-free, grain-free stuff… so if you are looking for these qualities in your cookie mix, I recommend it!)


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