Cookies – now we’re talking.


Alright! These cookies I can proudly say – I made them!

I used this gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
However, I read the comments on that page, and I thought about all the other things I have tried to bake with coconut and almod flour, and I decided on two changes:

. I used a little bit of baking soda, because I wanted a ‘fluffier’ texture;
. I used a bit of almond milk to make sure they wouldn’t be too dry

Conclusion: both these changes were much welcomed. The cookies turned out kind of crunchy on the outside but softer inside, and with the right amount of moisture.
The one thing I will change for next time is I’ll add more honey or more chocolate chips, because this batch was truly not sweet enough.

Oh, and as can be observed in the picture, I went wild with half of the batch: I added some cocoa powder, white chocolate chips and even some tiny marshmallows. Very yummy – but I’ll restrain from that in the future and stick with the simpler, slightly ‘healthier’ version.


P.S. No more baking for a little while. Carbs… can’t get too friendly.






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